Patrik Kühnen
Tennis MasterCamp by Patrik Kühnen

In 2023 the MasterCamp by Patrik Kühnen – Tennis meets Yoga, Pilates & Meditation will be offered for the first time at the Kalimera Kriti Hotel & Village Resort on Crete. Together with Patrik Kühnen and experienced tennis coaches, the Pilates-Trainer Katharina Kühnen and the yogi Vijay Sharma, you can experience a week full of tennis but also for your body, mind & soul at the MasterCamp by Patrik Kühnen.

But also for those who don’t play tennis, there is a lot to offer. Each participant can choose between the full package with tennis & BodyMind-Fitness or the pure BodyMind-Fitness package.

In addition to the sport, there will be performance and Tennis-Talks with Patrik Kühnen and there is also a joint TV evening / ATP tournament Rome planned, where then the professionals will be analyzed.

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