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Whether endurance or functional training. Muscle building or figure coaching - our fitness offer has something for everyone.
Achieve your personal fitness goal while on vacation? Fitness First and Patricio Travel make it possible. Professional Fitness First trainers create your personal training plan to effectively achieve your training goals.

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For you, vacation means more than just relaxing on the beach? Or are you looking for the perfect introduction to the world of fitness? Then a vacation with Fitness First and Ali Bey Hotel & Resorts is just what you need. With over 80 clubs and around 270,000 members, Fitness First is one of the leading fitness and health service providers in Germany. As a subsidiary of the British Fitness First Group, the company is also part of one of the world's largest gym operators with more than 380 clubs in 16 countries.


Content Personal Training

  • Individual training with individual support & correction
  • Training geared to the personal goals
  • Creation of an individual training plan
  • Improvement of everyday fitness
  • Weight reduction/figure training
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Preventive/rehabilitative build-up programs, e.g. functional spinal gymnastics
  • Sport-specific build-up and balance training
  • Stretching and relaxation techniques

Fitness First benefit package

  • Professional support by licensed trainers
  • Training in an exclusive atmosphere
  • Free Internet terminals in the reception and lounge area
  • Endurance and strength training on the latest equipment
  • Wide range of group fitness courses such as Step, deepWork, Cycling, Hot Iron, Dynamic Pilates, Yoga, BoxCamp, Athletic Fitness and much more ...
  • Freestyle animations like TRX and Movelt
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