The tennis school with fun factor 10 and megacool kids concept

Kids Tennis-Funacademy by PCT

Special kids courts - unique kids teaching method - super light tennis rackets - different easy to play balls. Our Kids Tennis-Funacademy is based on a teaching and training method tailored to children.

The idea of the Kids Tennis-Funacademy: to inspire children for tennis, to give them a quick sense of achievement and to lay the foundation for lifelong fun with tennis.

To this end, a creative teaching and training method has been developed and tennis equipment tailored to the age and skill level of children has been developed to meet this high standard.

For the Kids Tennis School, entire children's tennis worlds were created in the Patricio World Class Tennis Center on areas of up to 1,400 m². They offer the kids, among other things, tennis courts of different sizes, a training target wall, a fun court, a coordination course as well as the store equipped with Kids products.

Gezeichnetes Biber Maskottchen der Kids Tennis Fun Academy

PCT Children Course Offer

For Kids at attractive Patricio price 71,10 EUR

Regular price: 79,- EUR

  • 4 coaching lessons of 45 minutes each on the small court or Kids Court
  • Kids Tennis-Funacademy sticker sheet, medal, certificate & t-shirt
  • Free use of the Kids Tennis Land or the Kids Court

Course overview off season / summer

In the summer off-season from about mid-May to mid-September we offer special tennis courses for children.

General information about PCT Kids Tennis School

We guarantee individual training in small groups. Please understand that the course "For Kids" is based on a minimum number of 4 children. If there are less children, the course will be adjusted on a percentage basis.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation for pre-booked tennis courses at PCT Tennisacademy:

  • Before departure: The cancellation rates for package holidays according to our general terms  and conditions apply.
  • On site before the first session or after the start of the course: No refund.

Services not used will not be refunded. Prices and services as of August 2020 / subject to change.

Bad weather reimbursement

If the training sessions are cancelled due to bad weather, we will try to make them up during the week. If necessary, the tournaments can also be cancelled. Should you still not be able to make up the training sessions, we guarantee 90% of the hours. The less played training units we will reimburse you with 15,- € per training unit.


Kids Tennis-Funacademy

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