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Padel Tennis

Padel tennis is becoming more and more popular around the world every year. Already No. 2 among all sports in Spain, the mixture of tennis and squash offers fun, action, speed and much more! Many reasons for Patricio Travel to take up this trend and equip the Patricio world-class tennis centers with high-quality padel courts. In addition, with the Patricio Checkpoint Padelacademy, we have a padel school with professionally trained padel trainers in many of our hotels on site.

Reserve your padel courts and your padel training when you book your trip to ensure the best times.

The Sports-Shop by Tennis-Point in the Patricio world-class tennis centers Manavgat and Sorgun, as well as the Wilson Pro Shop in Kalimera Kriti on Crete provide the right equipment. Here you can rent and buy high-quality Wilson padel rackets and balls.


Ali Bey Club Manavgat

  • 5 Padel Courts
  • PCP - Padelacademy
  • Rackets & balls for rent

Ali Bey Resort Sorgun

  • 2 Padel Courts
  • PCP - Padelacademy
  • Rackets & balls for rent

Kalimera Kriti hotel & Village

  • 2 Padel Courts (5 at 2024)
  • PCP - Padelacademy
  • Rackets & balls for rent

Na Taconera Sport & Relax

  • 3 Padel Courts
  • Rackets & balls for rent
The padel academy for every age, requirement and playing strength

Patricio Checkpoint Padelacademy

The Patricio Checkpoint Padelacademy is on site in all Patricio world-class tennis and padel centers.

Our experienced coaches, trained by professionals, will get you excited about padel.

The training follows the specially developed biomechanical Patricio Checkpoint training method. Here, fun, performance and, above all, natural movements are combined for rapid progress and improvements in match situations. Compared to other academies, PCP stands for the promotion of your individual play style.

The offer of the Patricio Checkpoint Padelacademy includes courses with different training intensities. Every player will find the right offer here!

Course overview sport season (spring & autumn)

Chiquita 199,- EUR
  • 5 training sessions of 90 minutes each with a maximum of 4 players
Bandeja 299,- EUR
  • 10 training sessions of 90 minutes each with a maximum of 4 players
Bajada 139,- EUR

During the tennis high season only bookable on request on site

  • 3 training sessions of 90 minutes each with a maximum of 4 players
Gancho - Kids & Youths 129,- EUR
  • For kids and youths
  • 5 training sessions of 60 minutes each with a maximum of 4 players

In the sport off-season in summer from around mid-May to mid-September, we offer special padel courses for both adults and children.

Patricio Checkpoint Padelacademy

Service package of the courses

  • Rent of the courts
  • Welcoming
  • Present
  • Classification and program discussion
  • Training in small, homogeneous groups with max. 4 players / course / trainer
  • Trial session to get to know each other - depending on workload and travel dates
  • Accompanying, course-supporting video analysis
  • Test rackets from the current Wilson collection, our exclusive racket brand, are available to the course participants free of charge during the lessons.
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