Aerobic & Fitness Week

Ali Bey Club Manavgat 07.05. - 14.05.23

From May 7-14, 2023, the stunning Ali Bey Club in Manavgat on the Turkish Riviera hosted a fitness event in a class of its own - the Aerobics & Fitness Week. With a total of 110 participants and the participation of 11 international presenters, the week became an inspiring and energetic experience for all involved.

The Ali Bey Club Manavgat provided the perfect backdrop for this unique fitness event. The spacious grounds, surrounded by lush gardens and the azure waters of the Mediterranean, created an idyllic atmosphere for our participants. The modern sports facilities and carefully designed event areas provided optimal conditions for a varied and challenging fitness program.

The week was packed with a wide range of fitness activities covering all aspects of physical training. From intense cardio workouts and step classes to relaxing yoga sessions, there was something for every taste and fitness level. The international presenters, who traveled from different parts of the world, brought their unique styles and expertise to provide attendees with an unforgettable experience.
The days started with energetic morning classes where participants could boost their energy and get motivated for the day. Throughout the day, there were a variety of classes and workshops led by the presenters. Each presenter brought their individual expertise and personality to motivate participants and teach them new techniques and training methods.

Attendees had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and share ideas with their peers. It was inspiring to see how the participants benefited from the experience and knowledge of the international presenters.
Away from the training program, participants were able to enjoy the beauty of the Turkish Riviera. The Ali Bey Club offered a variety of recreational opportunities, including pools, beach access and an impressive selection of restaurants and bars. Participants were able to relax, enjoy the sunny weather and make new friends.

Feedback on this fitness event was overwhelmingly positive. Participants were delighted with the quality of the program, the hospitality of the staff and the on-site organization. They particularly highlighted the variety of classes, the professional support and the inspiring atmosphere that made the event special.

We would like to thank the 110 participants who made this week an unforgettable experience and look forward to seeing you again soon.